Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

Candia Nuts is not just about nuts. We are also involved in the dried fruits business. We have created a wide assortment of dried fruits, all packed in doy-pack packaging, which is great for retail.

We select only the finest quality dried fruits to include in our offering, packing them in protective, re-sealable and consumer-friendly way.

These specialty food products are perfect for snacks, as well as ingredients for gourmet cooking and baking. You can eat dried fruits year round, as they are always “in season”.

Cranberries - Dried Fruits

Cranberry 180g

Product Code: 55204

Pineapple - Dried Fruits

Pineapple 180g

Product Code: 55202

Apricots - Dried Fruits

Apricots 180g

Product Code: 55201

Plums - Dried Fruits

Plums 180g

Product Code: 55200

Papaya - Dried Fruits

Papaya 180g

Product Code: 55206

Figs - Dried Fruits

Figs 180g

Product Code: 55209

Fruit Salad - Dried Fruits

Tropical Fruits 180g

Product Code: 55203

Dates - Dried Fruits

Dates 180g

Product Code: 55207