Traditional Sweets

Traditional Sweets

Candia Nuts over the years has either developed its own or has joined forces with some of the strongest factories in Greece to develop real, traditional home-made level quality for some of the most typical sweets of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean in general.

Some of these include the following product categories:
Baklava, Kantaifi,Loukoumi, Halva

Below we try to list some indicative product articles, which have been best-sellers both in Greece and abroad


Baklava with Pistachio

Baklava with Pistachio 175g

Product Code: 25400

Baklava with Almond

Baklava with Almond 175g

Product Code: 25401

Traditional Sweets

Assorted Baklava Box 350g

Product Code: 25450


Loukoumi Pistachio

Loukoumi Pistachio 160g

Product Code: 25170

Loukoumi Exotic fruits

Loukoumi Exotic fruits 160g

Product Code: 25171

Loukoumi Cinnamon

Loukoumi Cinnamon 160g

Product Code: 25172

Loukoumi Chios mastic

Loukoumi Chios mastic 160g

Product Code: 25173

Loukoumi Mediterraneo

Loukoumi Mediterraneo 160g

Product Code: 25174

Loukoumi Honey-walnuts

Loukoumi Honey-walnuts 160g

Product Code: 25175

Loukoumi Mint

Loukoumi Mint 160g

Product Code: 25176

Loukoumi Greek coffee

Loukoumi Greek coffee 160g

Product Code: 25177

Loukoumi Toffee caramel

Loukoumi Toffee caramel 160g

Product Code: 25178

Loukoumi Olive

Loukoumi Olive 160g

Product Code: 25179

Loukoumi Prickly

Loukoumi Prickly 160g

Product Code: 25180